Tradetomato Alpha

Join the alpha and claim your early access

The alpha is Tradetomato’s in-development version of the platform. We’re constantly releasing new features, so sign up now and join our growing community of alpha testers! The alpha currently allows you to use the following features:

  • Modular dashboard with customizable widgets: choose from a range of widgets to create your own personalized crypto command center.

  • Our revolutionary module builder: create modules using our condition editor and choose from a wide variety of trading tools. Try our advanced features including sub-positions - an exclusive feature that allows your spot trading modules to create a chain of trades across different assets. Experiment with our module dependencies to create action-based flows that connect your modules together to automatically form algorithms.

  • Module performance insights: track your modules to gain insights into current statuses, positions, and past performance.

  • Backtesting: backtest your modules using historical data to see performance across different market conditions. Benefit from detailed performance insights, including statistics, ratios, and a chart that visualizes trading activity.

  • Marketplace: choose from a range of templates to use as a starting point when creating your modules.

All alpha testers will earn a special status on the platform once we transition to beta. This will unlock a range of benefits, including access to exclusive features, marketplace freebies, discounts, and additional rewards. On top of that, your contributions will forever be immortalized in the Tradetomato Hall of Fame.

  • The alpha won’t last forever, so grab your chance to become a tester and sign up now!

  • Free, early access to the in-development version of the platform.

  • Get a sneak peek into the Tradetomato ecosystem.

  • Be the first to test new features the moment they are released.

  • Gain special status on the platform and get a chance to earn custom rewards and discounts.

  • Participate in our community events for a chance to earn premium platform access and other prizes.

  • Be forever immortalized in the Tradetomato Hall of Fame.

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