A fully customizable command center for all your trading activity
The dashboard gives you a 360-degree overview of all your trading activity and the state of your portfolio across connected exchanges and wallets. It features a fully-customizable grid layout with a large collection of drag and drop widgets, including:
  • An overview of your portfolio across connected exchanges and wallets
  • Tracking the activity and performance of your algorithms
  • Live prices of your favorite assets
  • Latest news from the crypto market
  • On-chain market intelligence
Having a good overview of your trading activity is important. The dashboard aggregates data from your algorithms, manual trades, exchange accounts, and more using widgets. This way, you have all the information you desire at a glance.
You can fully customize and rearrange widgets within the dashboard to create the ultimate set-up. You also choose which algorithms, exchange accounts, and assets are displayed in each widget - you are in full control.
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