Manage all your crypto accounts with ease

A good portfolio overview is pivotal in a space where your assets are scattered across exchanges and wallets. In your Tradetomato dashboard, you’ll find the most important charts, metrics, and analytics that give you a 360° view of your finances.

The dashboard is your ultimate command center for tracking your module performance, trading activity, and portfolio growth. We’ve made it completely modular using widgets, giving you full control over what you see. Widgets are components of the dashboard that display information. You can customize and rearrange widgets within the dashboard to create the ultimate set-up.

Connect to your exchange accounts and wallets to aggregate your portfolio in one place. You’ll get a real-time overview, including latest balance, asset allocation, profit and losses, live prices, and much more. Using the dashboard, you also gain detailed insights into the performance of your modules. You can easily monitor trade history, trade ratio, and gains or make quick adjustments where necessary.

We’re also adding widgets that aggregate the latest news from the markets, on-chain analytics, and live price feeds so that you can stay on top of the market without ever leaving your Tradetomato dashboard.

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