Meet the people behind Tradetomato

We are a highly motivated team of crypto enthusiasts and veterans. We have experience in (algorithmic) trading, fund management, cryptocurrency mining, data science, machine learning, and more.

Over the past years, we have conceptualized and built a range of advanced trading algorithms and tools. In 2021, our vision expanded and we started working on Tradetomato. Our goal is to create the ultimate ecosystem for automated trading and portfolio management in DeFi and CeFi by introducing a revolutionary platform, powered by the Tradetomato token.

Core team

Silas Voerman Founder & CEO

Robin Slakhorst COO

Timothy van der Bliek Full Stack Developer

Almer van der Staaij UX & Front-end Developer

Juan Rivas Full Stack Developer

Bartek Piaskowski Back-end Developer

Rohit Nekkanti Back-end Developer

Mati Polak Marketing Lead

Sedale Wijngaarde Marketing & Community


Ad van Kemenade

Martijn Don

Ivo Teel

Elliot Hagemeijer

Jay Maree

Tjebbe Mobach

Thijs de Zoete

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