Token Utility

Discover the benefits of TTM

All ecosystem and platform functionality can only be accessed using TTM. Given its unique utility in an active trading ecosystem, TTM has a constant use case that strengthens with increased platform activity.

Platform Access The platform and its features will be accessible to token holders. There will be multiple access tiers based on the number of tokens held. Higher access tiers will offer a range of benefits, including an increased number of algorithms that can be run, marketplace discounts, access to features, and more.

Marketplace TTM is the key to unlocking the full potential of our marketplace. Whether you're looking to rent trading algorithms, modules, tools, signals, or other content, use TTM to access them all. As a creator, you earn TTM from your followers by publishing high-quality content on the marketplace.

Subscription Fees When you subscribe to content on the marketplace, you’ll pay a subscription fee in TTM. The majority of this fee goes directly to the content creator and the remainder to Tradetomato.

Ecosystem & Community TTM will also be used to stimulate a vibrant community. You can earn TTM on the platform by completing daily quests and milestones. As a marketplace Creator, you can earn TTM through our Creator Reward System, which will reward you for publishing high-quality content on the marketplace. Many other features, including trading competitions, community predictions, referrals, and a VIP program, will also allow you to earn additional tokens.

Staking Support the ecosystem by staking TTM tokens to earn passive rewards.

Data on Demand Use TTM to seamlessly access our data streams on-demand. Only pay for what you use.

Staking Pool Replenishing* A variable percentage of B2B and marketplace transactions will be used to replenish the staking pool.

Token Burn* A variable percentage of B2B and marketplace transactions will be burned. The variable token burn will be used to support the early ecosystem by countering periods of inflation and is subject to a maximum cap of a TBD number of tokens. For a full overview of the Tradetomato ecosystem, click here. * These percentages will be adjusted periodically to maximize the efficiency of the ecosystem.

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