Advanced tools
The key to being a successful trader lies in having a competitive edge and effective risk management. In a market that is driven by information, the ability to rapidly access, analyze and act on new data is a crucial component to any effective trading strategy. This is where our advanced toolbox comes in - a perfect solution built to handle the complexity of a data-driven trading system.
Here is a small taste of what's to come:
  • Backtesting - is an essential tool in every trader's toolbox. It allows you to test the performance of your algorithm using historic market data. This provides you with insights into profitability and other relevant statistics, which can be used to improve your algorithm. Backtesting offers you a way to evaluate and tweak your trading algorithms before putting them into practice.
  • Optimizing - The optimization tool allows you to improve the performance of your algorithm by applying regression models to optimize the inputs of your strategy conditions. You can choose to maximize your strategy for a range of outputs including gain, trade profitability, and trade frequency.
  • Prediction models: Create forecasting models that can be used in your algorithms, alerts, and dashboard. Select from a range of different data sources and come up with your own inputs based on our extensive library of trading tools. Gain a competitive edge by adding a predictive component to your algorithm strategies.
  • Community data aggregation: As the community grows, we will run daily & weekly quests that consist of simple predictions and sentiment collection. For example, "Do you think the price of BTC will go up or down today?". This data can be accessed and used in your algorithms and prediction models.
  • Trade assistant: We are developing a trading assistant that can be fully personalized to your needs. Based on your strategies, risk profile, and trading style, the assistant will help you to improve your algorithms, set up alerts, and much more. The assistant will also be there to answer any questions relating to your account, the platform, or the markets.
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