Data Feeds

Unlock the power of data for smarter trading and investing

Access to high-quality data is becoming an increasingly crucial part of the crypto space. As a blockchain-native company, our goal is to leverage the transparency of blockchain to provide real-world data and unique insights needed to make the best trading and investing decisions.

For all the data lovers out there, Tradetomato is building a whole library of market data and on-chain analytics. We’re making parts of our API accessible through a decentralized oracle and smart contract structure. Data can be delivered in several formats to suit your personal and business needs. Our data feeds will come in the form of free and paid feeds that include:

  • Market data

  • Market replays

  • Community sentiment data

  • Forecasts from prediction models

  • Live indicator data

  • On-chain data

For more information on what our data feeds can do for you, please contact us at:

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