The marketplace is a library of algorithms, modules, and trading tools, made by our team and community creators. Grow your crypto portfolio alongside experienced traders or earn from your creations. Our marketplace is fully powered by the Tradetomato token (TTM), meaning subscriptions and rental fees are paid in TTM.
In the marketplace, you’ll find a selection of:
  • Ready-to-go algorithms: Completely pre-built algorithms consisting of multiple configured modules. Select your trading pair, preferred exchange, and exposure and deploy it instantly.
  • Modules: Pre-configured modules that can be plugged into your existing algorithms or used as standalone modules.
  • Trading signals: Triggers that can be used as inputs for your modules to execute a specific action, for example, buying or selling an asset or rebalancing your portfolio.
  • Tools: Community-created indicators, dashboard widgets, and much more.
The marketplace is the ideal place for beginners to kickstart their trading experience. Explore our marketplace and pick an algorithm that matches your trading needs. Rent and deploy it with a single click. If you prefer a hands-off approach, you can copy-trade one of our verified creators.
Creators can profit from their algorithms by publishing them on the marketplace. This is a great opportunity for traders to gain a following and earn TTM tokens; the more followers using your creation, the more you earn! Others can only view your algorithms’ past performance and any additional information you choose to reveal. The underlying logic of your creation is never revealed.
To ensure that the marketplace only features quality content, our team and community will regularly curate it. Anyone in the community can rate & review marketplace creations as they use them, giving you an indication of their quality. Creators will also be vetted by the Tradetomato team before they can publish on the marketplace.
Last modified 2mo ago