A social marketplace for algorithms, copy trading, signals and trading tools.
The marketplace is the ultimate library of algorithms, signals, trading tools, and other content created by the Tradetomato team and community.
Not everyone has the knowledge or experience to build their own algorithms. This is where the marketplace comes in, bringing together content creators and followers. Deploy ready-to-go algorithms and trading tools with a single click or create your own and rent them out on the marketplace to earn commissions from your followers!
For creators:
  • Post your algorithms and trading tools on the marketplace.
  • Earn a creator commission fee when others follow you and use your marketplace content.
  • Become a verified trader in the Tradetomato community, allowing followers to copy your trades for a subscription fee.
  • The underlying logic of your marketplace algorithms is never revealed. Your followers can only view past performance and details that you choose to reveal.
For followers:
  • Browse the marketplace and instantly deploy ready-to-go algorithms and trading tools.
  • Subscribe to external signal providers or copy verified traders in the community.
  • Rate & review marketplace content and see what others in the community think before trying a feature.
  • Only pay for what you use. If you are not actively using a marketplace feature that you rented, you will not be charged.
The marketplace is for anyone and everyone! Creators can show off their trading skills and earn fees & commissions without the need for initial capital, while followers can easily get started with algorithmic trading without needing specialized knowledge.
Please note that all marketplace algorithms and tools are reviewed by the Tradetomato team.
Last modified 5mo ago
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