Discover the awesome features coming to Tradetomato in the near future!

2021 Q3:

  • Performance screen
  • User authentication
  • Paper trading on Binance
  • New indicators and trading pairs
  • Filters and Profit Guards
  • Launch MVP and Discord community
  • Invite multiple rounds of alpha testers

2021 Q4:

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Implemented redesigned branding guide
  • Improve performance screen (current position, Tradingview chart)
  • Add sub-positions and linked modules to algorithm builder
  • Improve platform performance
  • New indicators and tools
  • New trading pairs
  • Platform documentation

2022 Q1:

  • Launch of closed alpha
  • Algorithm builder redesign
  • Algorithm preset templates
  • Marketplace tab
  • Optimizations of UX based on user testing
  • New dashboard widgets
  • New indicators, filters, and tools
  • New trading pairs

2022 Q2:

  • Brand new Portfolio page
  • New sign-up and log-in experience
  • Implement support for paper trading balances and connections
  • Algorithm builder improvements
  • Migrated to a multi-regional infrastructure with greatly increased capacity
  • Set up regionally distributed low latency clusters for close proximity to exchange endpoints, improving algorithm latency and performance
  • Security upgrades (including Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • UI improvements (including navigation menu, tooltips and change log)

2022 Q3:

  • Public launch of open alpha
  • Website redesign
  • Brand rework
  • Algorithm builder overhaul
  • User interface redesign
  • Improved user experience (standalone modules, automatic algorithm grouping, simplified module builder)
  • Reworked module performance screen
  • Multiple expression support for indicators
  • New platform theme (light)
  • New indicators
  • Support chat

2022 Q4:

  • Module backtesting
  • Condition-based module dependencies
  • Automatic algorithm formation
  • Improved module performance insights
  • New indicators, filters, and tools
  • Market data ingest, aggregation, and delivery service
  • Reworked onboarding flow
  • Platform documentation
  • Base implementation of Marketplace
  • Exchange API key management
  • Introduced user account types

2023 Q1

  • Live trading on Binance
  • User exchange balances
  • Real-time module status updates
  • Connection IP whitelisting
  • Order chart for Spot Trader insights
  • New indicators, filters, and tools, including candlestick patterns
  • Dashboard widgets for live trading
  • Backtesting v2 (incl. increased selection range, performance reporting)
  • Marketplace v2 (incl. updated UI, new templates & modules)
  • Tradetomato Academy

2023 Q2

  • Configuration library
  • Module builder v2
  • Multi-region algorithms
  • New exchange integration (Kraken)
  • New indicators and tools
  • New marketplace templates
  • Sub-positions for live connections
  • Dependencies for live connections
  • Unified integration core for centralized services and applications

2023 Q3

  • KuCoin integration
  • Bybit integration
  • Bitget integration
  • Module: config switcher
  • Module builder v2 (incl. redesigned interface and new conditions editor)
  • Conditions library
  • Web3 log in (wallet connect)
  • Backtesting v3 (incl. updated UI, insights, and execution speed)
  • Brand rework (logo, mascot, website)

2023 Q4

  • TTM token IDO & TGE
  • Tier-based platform access using TTM
  • Token interaction page (vesting, staking)
  • MEXC integration
  • Marketplace: fee settlement in TTM
  • Module: machine learning forecaster
  • Module: signal generator
  • Telegram bot
  • Machine learning module optimizer
  • Dashboard v2 (incl. multiple layouts and new widgets)
  • Marketplace v3 (incl. algorithms, tools and dashboard widgets)
  • Quest center (incl. referral system)
  • Filters (create your own tools)
  • Platform alerts

2024 Q1

  • Trading terminal
  • Module: grid trader
  • Automated trading vaults
  • Marketplace: creator profiles
  • Marketplace: creator module submission
  • Marketplace: copy trading
  • Marketplace creator reward system
  • New exchange integrations (to be announced)
  • New partner integrations (to be announced)
  • New dashboard widgets (to be announced)
  • New modules (to be announced)
  • TradingView integration
  • B2B Algorithms & Signals
  • Ambassador program

2024 Q2 and beyond

  • AI trading assistant
  • Real time trading (sub 1-min timeframes)
  • TomatoScript building blocks
  • Marketplace: creator API
  • AI module controllers
  • New exchange integrations (to be announced)
  • New modules (to be announced)
  • New partner integrations (to be announced)
  • New dashboard widgets (to be announced)
  • New indicators, filters, and tools (to be announced)
  • External signal API
  • Paid data feeds
  • Dashboard API (for external use)
  • Market profile anomaly detection
  • Platform gamification
  • Bug bounty program
  • Global presence, awareness, and expansion
  • And a whole lot more!