What is Tradetomato?

Meet Tradetomato, Your Crypto Finances on Autopilot
Tradetomato is a blockchain-native ecosystem for trade automation and portfolio management, powered by the Tradetomato token (TTM). A next-generation trading platform driven by machine learning and AI that allows anyone with an interest in crypto to easily automate their portfolio across wallets, centralized, and decentralized exchanges - regardless of trading experience. Tradetomato’s vision is to unify market access across DeFi and centralized services with cutting-edge tooling that will supercharge any trader’s performance.
  • Multi-step modular trading algorithms that revolutionize the concept of trading bots.
  • A social marketplace packed with ready-to-go trading algorithms, modules, signals, and much more.
  • AI/Machine learning models that boost your modules with predictive power and continuous learning.
  • Extensive portfolio management tools and tracking across exchanges and wallets.
  • Custom alpha-focused trading algorithms and signals for businesses.
  • Advanced tools including backtesting, market replays, and automatic strategy optimization.
  • Data on demand including aggregate pricing, live indicator output, and prediction model forecasts.
  • Easily follow and copy trade verified professional and community traders.
  • A fully customizable trading terminal to trade and manage assets across exchanges and wallets.
  • Beginner friendly - easily get started with templates, marketplace content, and interactive documentation to kickstart your trading.
The platform is currently in open alpha, meaning anyone can sign up and try our features for free! As an alpha tester, you can create and run your own trading modules in a safe, risk-free environment. Be the first to test new features as they are released, or participate in Tradetomato challenges and quests to earn additional rewards!