Why Tradetomato?
Unifying trading in Crypto and DeFi
The crypto and DeFi spheres have seen incredible growth over the past years. Blockchain companies have exploded into mainstream. As a result, exchanges and trading-related platforms have welcomed new users at unprecedented rates.
Given the immature nature of the market however, existing solutions are often fragmented, low quality, and information overload makes it hard to filter out the right sources. Trading requires a range of tools and users need to sign up for many services to be able to participate in the space.

A steep learning curve

Getting started with trading can be time consuming and requires a degree of specialized knowledge. Additionally, keeping track of a portfolio spread over multiple different exchanges and wallets can quickly become very tedious. In a 24/7 market that has little focus on risk management, the idea of being able to lose a large share of portfolio value in the blink of an eye can be a deterrent to many.
At Tradetomato, we provide an all-in-one toolbox of features needed to master the markets. The ability to completely automate trading strategies and the flow of value between exchange accounts and wallets provides users with the ultimate portfolio control, and removes the need to manually keep track of the markets. All our features are specifically designed for ease-of-use and include integrated learnings and guidance.

Unification of crypto and DeFi

Services across crypto and DeFi lack unification. Additionally, user experience is lagging behind the standards that we are used to seeing in traditional markets. Crypto is geared towards value transfer between blockchain ecosystems. Because of this, anyone with an interest in crypto will likely come into contact with the concept of trading.
Similarly to traditional finance, the majority of trading volume in crypto is produced by algorithms. Trading algorithms (or bots) dominate the markets with 24/7 monitoring, high execution speeds and rapid access to information that puts manual traders at a distinct disadvantage.
Our goal is to tackle these challenges and create an ecosystem that bridges the gaps between crypto and DeFi. We aim to provide our users with a range of automated tools that will provide them with a competitive edge in trading.